The Fundamentals of Cybersecurity: Addressing Risks & Strategies To Reduce Cyber Threats

Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 2:00 PM ET

With the world becoming more connected every single day, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly more important. Threat actors are capitalizing on vulnerabilities in this new virtual workplace, and cyberattacks are on the rise.

Protecting your organization means understanding the nature of today’s threats – and more importantly, how to mitigate these threats. There’s no room for dated or poorly managed business operations that put valuable data at risk.

Learn how to better protect your organization and improve compliance amidst a shift to remote work, accelerating digital transformation, and increasing cyber threat sophistication.

Join Buchbinder’s Michael Pinna for a free one-hour webinar where he will provide valuable oversight and guidance on the top areas of cybersecurity risk businesses are facing today and some of the processes and tools required to secure your IT environment and develop a comprehensive cybersecurity program.

You’ll learn:

The basics of cybersecurity

Top vulnerabilities, including sophisticated phishing scams, targeted ransomware, and insider threats

How to determine the right risk management solution for your company

Important recommendations to reduce cybersecurity risks

How to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity program

Meet Your Host

Michael Pinna, CPA

Michael PinnaWith over 30 years of experience working in Information Technology, Michael is the practice leader for Buchbinder’s IT Audit & Assurance Group. He provides IT audit and assurance services with a focus on Service Organization Controls (SOC) reporting. Michael also specializes in IT risk assessment and vulnerability scans, compliance management, security and privacy risks, Sarbanes-Oxley IT controls, disaster recovery, and business continuity training. In addition, he handles documentation and testing of IT controls in support of the firm’s audit clients in a variety of industries.