IT Risk Assessment

In today’s data-driven and technologically-advanced environment, taking preventive measures to enhance security is not only critical, it can save your organization time, resources, and money.

IT control risks are pervasive within an organization’s IT environment. Failure to maintain solid controls can also expose increased security risk no matter how well your systems and servers are patched. Cyber attacks and information breaches can wreak havoc on your customers, clients, your business, and your reputation. In keeping with our clients’ security in mind, we offer IT risk assessments and IT vulnerability scans to identify any IT risks that could affect your business operations.

We perform a high-level analysis of how your IT control environment compares with standard IT controls frameworks. We also provide a detailed analysis of your information security processes including segregation of duties to critical financial systems as well as reviewing your overall security processes and procedures.

IT Vulnerability Scan

In order to properly secure the IT environment, systems and servers continuously need to be updated and patched with the latest security updates from your various vendors – which is often an overwhelming task. This service is designed to measure how up-to-date your organization is in complying with the most current patches and updates for its systems.

Using state-of-the-art scanning technology, we perform an analysis of your external and internal environments as well as web-based applications, depending on your need.

Who We Work With

At Buchbinder, we work with a wide range of clients including non-profit organizations of all sizes, privately and closely-held businesses, public companies, and employee benefit plans.

No matter your size or your industry, you can expect high level senior professionals on the other side of the phone with you. We pride ourselves on being timely in responding to inquiries and concerns and being able to deliver a solution to whatever issue is at hand.

Protected Health Information (PHI) Controls Assessment

Protected Health Information (PHI) Controls Assessment

Integrity is everything, especially when it comes to highly sensitive data. We provide assessments of the controls related to your organization’s protected health information (PHI) and make recommendations for improvements to guard against vulnerabilities or potential threats.

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