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cybersecurity services

There has been a swift increase in cybersecurity incidents among small to mid-sized businesses – meaning businesses must take steps to protect their data. Stay ahead of security threats with proactive prevention, early threat recognition, rapid response, and investigation of root causes.

That’s where Buchbinder Information Technology Solutions comes in.

cybersecurity services

Buchbinder Information Technology Solutions (BITS) offers a suite of cybersecurity services for small and mid-size organizations. BITS is designed to help clients assess inherent and residual cybersecurity risks to their organizations. By testing and assessing your security system, you not only identify areas of weakness but also equip your team to proactively prevent attacks before they begin.

BITS core service combines an in-depth cybersecurity controls analysis with a system vulnerability scan using the Nexpose Rapid 7 utility. Clients receive a comprehensive cybersecurity risk analysis and recommendations to enhance their overall cybersecurity control structure. This innovative approach addresses both process level controls as well as the overall technology environment. The services are designed to give clients a fast turn around and summarize the results in an easy to understand cybersecurity risk report.

Buchbinder offers high value, cost-effective services to clients across various industries including legal, healthcare, media & entertainment, professional service firms, labor unions, manufacturing, real estate, construction and public companies. Many of the clients we provide cybersecurity services for are located in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C, as well as throughout the United States.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

Vulnerability Scanning

Detects and classifies system weaknesses in computers, networks and communications equipment as well as predict the effectiveness of countermeasures. Our team can provide suggestions to remedy the problems. Vulnerability scanning is a proactive tactic to close any gaps and retain robust security for your organization’s systems, data, employees, and customers.

Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning are critical components in a comprehensive network security protocol and cybercrime prevention. Data breaches are often the results of unpatched vulnerabilities, so identifying and eliminating these security gaps, removes that attack route.

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