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Webinar: Preparing for Peer Review – How to Avoid Missteps

Based on recent findings, issues of non-conformity are prevalent in firms of all sizes. As a result, AICPA will hold Peer Reviewers more accountable moving…
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New York – Internal Revenue Code Changes for 2018 and After

The link below addresses areas where New York’s tax treatment of certain federal items of income and deductions will now differ for tax years 2018…
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The Pros and Cons of a Roth IRA Conversion

Most people recognize that Roth IRAs offer some significant tax advantages over traditional IRAs. For example, qualified Roth IRA withdrawals are free from federal income…
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Gerard A. Demetrius

Gerard Demetrius CPA

Gerard Demetrius is a Partner in Buchbinder’s New Jersey office. He brings more than 25 years of experience providing auditing, tax, accounting and management consulting services. He has experience with numerous industries including casino, construction, pharmaceutical, import, manufacturing, retail, government contracting, non-profit and SEC registrants. Gerard also performs peer reviews of other CPA firms as a team captain.

For Gerard, it’s all in the planning so his team knows their responsibilities and roles before going into the field during an audit. He is diligently responsive to his clients’ needs, getting back to them right away, regardless of the matter. Open communication is critical throughout the year, and Gerard is known for his accessibility and being able to break down technical information so it’s understandable for his clients.