Media & Entertainment

Our media-driven culture saturates us with information every minute. We know your mission of getting your message out into the world is getting increasingly harder. Many new businesses and start-ups face intense struggles to secure the capital and resources they need to see their dreams come to fruition.

We understand your resources are tighter and that your processes need to be more efficient than ever. Our business advisors are here to help you grow your company under the most challenging of circumstances. We work side by side with you to help you reach your financial goals.

Who We Work With and What We Do

At Buchbinder, we work with a wide array of individuals and companies within the media and entertainment industries in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and throughout the United States, including:

  • Public relations firms
  • Advertising
  • High tech start-ups
  • Multi-media producers
  • Performers
  • Filmmakers
  • Screenwriters
  • Production companies
  • Marketing communications
  • Authors

We offer the following services:

For public relations firms specifically, we provide a growth and profitability review that will provide you with an objective appraisal of your business operations and target the direction of your firm in regards to growth and increased profit.  We review everything from your business plan and mission statement, to salary and overhead costs to non-compete agreements.

At Buchbinder, our background and breadth of experience as business advisors allows us to customize our services to your business needs. Our clients look to us for practical business advice and exceptional service. We work with you so your company remains competitive and strong.

Buchbinder has offices in New York, New Jersey and Maryland and serves privately held and family-owned businesses nationally.