401(K) Plans

At Buchbinder, employee benefit plans are a priority. We have been conducting audit and assurance services for 401(k) plans for more than 30 years. Auditing 401(k) plans requires highly technical expertise and we have the specialized knowledge that many corporate auditors don’t possess.

We work with plan sponsors who are privately held and family-owned businesses in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., as well as throughout the United States.

Decades of Experience in 401(k) Plans

Under ERISA, annual audits are required when the 401(k) plan’s total eligible participants reach 100. When this occurs, the plan’s sponsor is required to hire a CPA firm to conduct an audit of the retirement plan. This information is incorporated into a Form 5500 filing.

Our audit services fulfill the federal filing requirements for Form 5500 and give plan administrators assurance as to the integrity of their financial statements. It also illustrates that the plan is operating properly and is in compliance with the government regulations and plan requirements.

We consider it our responsibility to stay at the forefront of the various nuances plan sponsors face when administering 401(k) plans. Our experienced auditors are up to date on the increased demands from the U.S. Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service. We understand the fiduciary responsibilities of plan sponsors.  We take pride in doing the job correctly and in a timely manner, the first time.