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At Buchbinder, we have decades of experience working with a variety of labor unions providing accounting and audit and assurance services. We understand the intense scrutiny union officers are subjected to with ever-evolving changes in regulations from the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service. We take your fiduciary responsibility to your members seriously. We are flexible to our clients’ needs while adhering to the letter of the law.

With more than 60 years of experience with labor union accounting, we serve international, national, state and local labor unions, and are thoroughly versed in meeting the disclosure and reporting requirements mandated by the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service. We work with labor unions in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., as well as throughout the United States. Many of our partners work with clients who have been with us for three generations and counting.

What We Do

We provide comprehensive accounting, audit and assurance services to local, state, national and international labor unions. Our services include:

Our partners know the challenges labor unions face in these difficult economic times. We help our clients achieve financial stability by providing an independent, objective perspective. When changes in forms or filing requirements occur, we inform our clients immediately. A long history of serving labor unions has allowed us to build a working rapport with the Department of Labor, resulting in accurate, timely answers to your questions.

Buchbinder has offices in New York, New Jersey and Maryland and serves labor unions nationally with accounting, auditing and other services.

Consulting for Labor Unions

At Buchbinder, we work with labor unions in a variety of capacities. We conduct compliance reviews, fair share dues computations, internal control reviews and evaluations, and cost allocation studies for shared expenses.

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