Didn’t Receive Your $500 per Child Stimulus Check? IRS Just Sent Payments to Certain Eligible Individuals

The IRS issued previously unsent stimulus checks of $500 per qualified child to eligible individuals last week.

stimulus checkThe IRS is issuing $500 per qualifying child to eligible individuals that claimed at least one qualifying child using the Non-Filers tool before May 17, 2020. These users did not receive the qualifying child portion of the stimulus check because of an error that was corrected on May 17, 2020.

Direct deposit payments are scheduled for August 5, 2020, and paper checks or debit cards are scheduled to be mailed August 7, 2020 to the individuals.

For individuals who used the Non-Filers tool on or after May 17, 2020, the additional $500 per qualifying child was included in the stimulus check they received.

Eligible individuals will receive a notice in the mail letting them know the additional $500 stimulus check per qualifying child was issued and they should keep this letter for their records.

Individuals that received their stimulus payment by direct deposit will also receive the additional $500 payment per qualifying child in the same bank account. If they received their stimulus check in the mail, the additional $500 payment per qualifying child will be mailed to the address of record.

View the IRS Economic Impact Payment Information Center here.

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