Compliance Alert

Upcoming compliance deadlines:

3/2*     Deadline for filing paper 2014 Form 1099 with IRS (electronic filing deadline is March 31)

3/15** Deadline for making corrective distribution for failed 2014 actual deferral percentage (ADP) / actual contribution percentage (ACP) tests without 10% excise tax penalty

3/16*   Deadline for filing 2014 corporate tax return and making contributions eligible for deductibility without extension

4/15     Deadline for corrective distribution of 2014 402(g) excess deferral failures

4/15     Deadline for filing 2014 individual and/or partnership tax returns and making contributions eligible for deductibility

* This date reflects an extension of the normal deadline, which falls over the weekend this year.

** Although March 15 is a Sunday, the IRS has generally not extended this date in past years.

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