Upcoming Compliance Deadlines

2/15     Quarterly benefit statements due for defined contribution plans with calendar year plans.

2/28     Deadline for paper filing of 2016 Form 1099 with IRS (electronic filing deadline is March 31).

3/15     Deadline for making corrective distribution for failed 2016 actual deferral percentage (ADP) / actual contribution percentage (ACP) tests without 10% excise tax penalty.

3/15     Deadline for filing 2016 corporate tax return and making contributions eligible for deductibility without extension.

4/1*     Deadline for taking first required minimum distribution for participants attaining age 70½ or retiring after age 70½ in prior year.

4/17*   Deadline for corrective distribution of 2016 402(g) excess deferral failures.

4/17** Deadline for filing 2016 individual and/or partnership tax returns and making contributions eligible for deductibility without extension.

* The April 1, 2017 due date falls on a Saturday. The IRS historically hasn’t extended due dates for required disclosures, contributions or distributions.

** This date reflects an extension of the normal deadline, which falls on a Saturday this year.

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