Upcoming compliance deadlines:

12/15    Extended deadline to distribute the Summary Annual Report for plans that filed Form 5500 by October 15 (calendar year plans)

12/30* Deadline for making required minimum distributions for 2016

12/30* Deadline for making corrective distributions for failed 2015 actual deferral percentage (“ADP”) and actual contribution percentage (“ACP”) tests with a 10% excise tax penalty, as well as for making qualified nonelective contributions (“QNEC”)

12/30* Prospective amendment to add or remove safe harbor status (for 2017 plan year)

12/30* Prospective amendment to add automatic enrollment (EACA and QACA only) (for 2017 plan year) (must give participants notice at least 30 days prior to effective date)

1/31     2016 Forms 1099 due to participants

Blackout notice: 30 to 60 days before the last day participant may make a change

* The original due date of December 31, 2016 falls on a Saturday. The IRS historically hasn’t extended due dates for required disclosures, contributions or distributions.

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