Free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

From the biggest Fortune 500 companies down to the smallest of mom-and-pop stores, no organization is 100% safe from a cyber attack. Understand, manage, control, and mitigate cyber risk across your organization.

Attackers are continually looking for new methods and ways to compromise, steal or destroy your data, intellectual property and damage your reputation. It's not a matter of "if" an organization will be targeted by cybercriminals, but "when." With networks growing in complexity, actively managing cybersecurity vulnerabilities has become critical to business success.

small businessSmall businesses are much more likely to be targeted, accounting for over 50% of all breaches.¹

money iconCompanies lose an average of $1.59 million from lost business alone.²

networkThe average total cost of data breach in the US was $9.05 million in 2020.²

cybersecurityIt takes 287 days on average to contain a data breach.²

Assess Your Cyber Risk Today

It is critical to know where your organization has risks and potential vulnerabilities and understand how to address these and protect yourself.

Do you have a solid understanding of your security vulnerabilities? If your systems were hacked or your users compromised, how quickly would you know? What would you do in the event of a cyber attack?

Complete this free, quick cybersecurity risk assessment and receive:

preliminary risk score

insights into the strength and weaknesses of your organization's security awareness program

opportunities for improvement

Knowing your cybersecurity risk score lets you see how easily attackers can target your organization's critical assets, which could lead to a data loss event. Your security rating is just the start of improving your overall cybersecurity procedures.

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