Whistleblower policies encourage the staff, volunteers and others of an organization to discreetly provide credible information on any illegal practices

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Abstract: The IRS has made it a lot simpler for retirement plan participants’ including IRA owners’ to avoid penalties when

Turning age 70½ is a major milestone if you own an IRA. You must consider how required minimum distributions (“RMDs”) fit into your retirement withdrawal strategy. That’s because, upon reaching this age, the IRS requires you to withdraw at least a minimum amount each year from all your IRAs and retirement plans — except Roth IRAs — and pay ordinary income taxes on the taxable portion of your withdrawal.

In previous postings on our website, we discussed various attempts by con artists to scam taxpayers. Recently, the Internal Revenue Service issued another warning of such tax-related scares directed at taxpayers across the country.

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Customers or clients who are slow to pay — or who don’t pay at all — can cause a business’s bottom line to decline quickly. This article explains some warning signs that business owners should be aware of to help prevent delinquent or missing payments, and lists steps owners can take, such as asking for a retainer or deposit up front before starting a project. The article also suggests that it’s a good idea to be polite, but assertive, if it becomes necessary to chase missing payments.

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